🟡Premium (0% fee)

Tired of having to calculate your transaction fee every time you operate on paydece? Do you trade frequently or with large volumes? Then keep reading!

As you may know, paydece charges a 1% transaction fee — that is, it will deduct 1% of the transacted value of an operation. While this is an almost negligible fee, when making multiple trades over a short time or when trading large volumes, that tiny fee can grow notably.

With paydece's Premium plans, all your transactions are FREE of this fee! Just choose the plan that best suits your needs, pay a small amount in USDT, and trade to your heart's content — at 0% transaction fee!

We have 3 plans for you

  • Basic — 30 days 0% fee for USDT 50: This plan is perfect for newcomers. Forget about transaction fees, enjoy exclusive benefits and optimize your trading potential! Join now and save up to 30 days in transaction fees.

  • Standard — 90 days 0% fee for USDT 135: For frequent traders, this is the plan we recommend. Subscribe now and get a 10% discount on the total amount. Enjoy 90 days of trading at 0% transaction fee.

  • Pro — 365 days 0% fee for USDT 480: Only for the pros, this plan best suits the needs of dedicated traders in our platform. Forget about transactions fees for a whole year and subscribe with a 20% discount on the total amount!

Interested? Head over to the subscriptions page, choose your plan and start trading at 0% transaction fee!

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