• Control over transactions: P2P trading from a self-custodial wallet where each one owns the private key of their wallet (full control of the cryptocurrencies) during the transaction. Cryptocurrencies will only move from the smart contract if both parties confirm it.

  • No intermediaries: Transactions are P2P and funds are blocked by a smart contract, without the need for centralized financial institutions to intervene.

  • No bureaucracy: It is operated from the blockchain with a self-custodial wallet, each transaction is self-executed according to what the user establishes at each step. No KYC is required to operate.

  • Without geographical limits: The smart contract is on the blockchain so it can be operated from anywhere in the world, without any barrier.

  • No maximum or minimum amounts: The amounts transacted can be from cents to hundreds of thousands without distinction.

  • Transparency: All transactions and all steps during the operation are updated in real-time and are fully visible to anyone who knows how to read the information directly on the blockchain. All steps are verifiable.

  • Security: The smart contract and all the functions it can execute were audited and validated by hackenclub, so security is total when operating.

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