💡How it works

paydece smart contract escrow charges a 0.5% commission fee to each part in the transaction. Users subscribed to a premium plan have a 0% commission fee.

  1. From the app.paydece.io, connect your self-custodial EVM-compatible wallet (such as MetaMask). Enter your password and sign in to the app.

Web access: you must have installed your wallet's browser extension. Demo.

Mobile access: sign in using your wallet's in-built browser. Demo.

  1. Browse our marketplace and select an offer that suits your needs.

Can't find an offer of your liking? Create your own ad and set your own terms of the trade. Demo.

Showcase of the marketplace: Video.

  1. Once you both have agreed on the terms of the trade, the seller deposits the crypto in the smart contract escrow (audited by hacken.io) and remain locked in there.

A timer will start ticking down. This is the buyer's time window to make the payment. Cryptos can be retrieved by the seller if the timer reaches zero and the buyer hasn't marked as paid.

  1. After confirming the crypto is in escrow, the buyer sends the FIAT money to the seller using the payment method previously agreed upon. Then, they must click as paid in the app to lock the cryptos indefinitely.

  1. Once the seller receives the FIAT payment, they will click the "release" button and the cryptos will be sent from the escrow to the buyer's self-custodial wallet.

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