🧑‍⚖️Dispute Process

Disputes are resolved from Monday to Friday during Argentine business hours (9 ART - 18 ART). The cryptocurrencies are secured in the smart contract, don't worry, they won't move from there!

Dispute Resolution - P2P Trading

In the event of any dispute, claim, question, disagreement or breach arising out of or related to paydece.io, the parties hereby agree to use their best efforts to consult and negotiate in good faith during the Negotiation Period, as set forth defined below, to reach a satisfactory solution for all parties involved. The purpose of this instruction is to detail how the dispute process works.

In those cases in which the parties cannot solve the problem, paydece may mediate between them to reach an agreement. If the problem persists, the parties have the possibility of resorting to a third party if they had foreseen it. This third party is Kleros.

Process description

Both parties can initiate a dispute when the platform allows it. After a dispute has started, a paydece mediator (in charge of resolving disputes) will contact both parties to evaluate the situation and make a decision, preventing scams from occurring.

How do we resolve disputes at paydece.io?

  1. One of the mediators will create a private group with the 2 people involved to come into direct contact with them.

  2. He will ask to make a telegram video chat showing the phone screen of the 2 involved, where they show their latest operations:

    • Whoever sends the Fiat must show live confirmation that they sent it, and in their wallet if the cryptos arrived.

    • The crypto seller must show live if the Fiat arrived.

If it were absolutely necessary to clarify the situation, more data could be requested, trying not to violate the privacy of users as much as possible. If one party arbitrarily refuses, it is almost certainly the scammer.

  1. When it is proven who is right, the mediator may: refund the cryptocurrencies to the seller or release the cryptocurrencies in favor of the buyer.

  2. Once a scammer is detected, they will be permanently banned from remaining in the Telegram group as well as from using the platform.

👉 Disputes should be the last option. We recommend that there be good communication between the buyer and seller.

👉 If both want to cancel an operation, they must communicate it to the mediator who will decide how to proceed.

Kleros as Dispute Arbitrator

Not having reached an agreement and the conditions being met as indicated in the Kleros Arbitration Policy and the Dispute Resolution Policy, the dispute will be mounted in the Kleros Dispute Resolver.

Having passed the aforementioned stages, the party that wishes to do so must send the funds corresponding to the Dispute FEE to the following Address, (the same corresponds to paydece): 0x80D8D67798e040C32C01835c83ee967DE5bD3FA3. 23 USDT(BEP20) must be sent. This Fee is the commission charged by the jurors who will resolve the problem if it reaches that stage.

Once one of the parties sends these funds, the counterparty will have a period of 7 calendar days to deposit in the same Address (0x80D8D67798e040C32C01835c83ee967DE5bD3FA3) the 23 USDT (BEP20) corresponding to the disputed FEE.

If within the stipulated period both parties deposit the corresponding Dispute Fee, a dispute will be initiated in the Kleros DISPUTE RESOLVER.

The parties will be able to provide all the evidence that supports their claim and will be able to observe the progress of the process.

After 7 days without any of the parties having deposited the corresponding Fee, the funds will be returned to the party that transferred them and the cryptocurrencies held in the smart contract will be refunded or released, as the case may be.

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