A transaction on the Paydece platform shares the same characteristics as a wallet-to-wallet transaction, and only the parties involved have control over what is sent and/or received. Cryptocurrencies remain in custody within a contract on the blockchain only upon active authorization from the involved parties; the platform itself does not act autonomously or through Paydece's intervention.

Paydece is a peer-to-peer platform where wallets interact in a decentralized manner. Wallets connecting to the platform are assumed to understand and accept the technical complexities inherent in blockchain technology and are responsible for the usage and instructions given to their wallets.

Paydece is not liable for failures or security compromises in any wallets that exist and may connect to the protocol. Each wallet owner is responsible for the security of their access keys/private keys/passwords and any aspect related to accessing and using their wallets.

Paydece does not interfere in transactions between parties, and any disputes should be resolved between the parties and/or followed through the wallet channels, irrespective of the origin or destination of the cryptocurrencies transferred between wallets of third parties unaffiliated with the platform that might connect to Paydece.

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