👨‍⚖️How to start a dispute in kleros?

This section applies only to escrow.

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide a step-by-step guide for users who are unable to resolve an issue on their own and must use a third party to resolve this dispute.

As indicated in the found in the section, in those cases in which the parties cannot solve the problem, paydece may mediate between them to reach an agreement. In the event that the problem persists, the parties have the possibility of resorting to a third party. This third party is Kleros.

Kleros is a Blockchain arbitration protocol that is dedicated to resolving disputes between two parties in a decentralized manner. If you want to know more about this project, I invite you to explore its website and its networks.

Process Description

Not having reached an agreement and the conditions being given as indicated in the Arbitration Policy, either party can request a Resolve by Kleros by clicking on the Appeal button.

Once one of the parties requests a resolution by Kleros (Appeal) they must send the funds corresponding to the FEE of the Dispute to the following Address: 0x80D8D67798e040C32C01835c83ee967DE5bD3FA3. 23 USDT(BEP20) will need to be sent. This Fee is the commission charged by the jurors who will solve the problem if it reaches that stage.

Once one of the parties sends these funds, the counterparty will have a period of 7 calendar days to deposit the 23 USDT (BEP20) corresponding to the FEE in dispute to the same Address (0x80D8D67798e040C32C01835c83ee967DE5bD3FA3).

If within the stipulated period both parties deposit the corresponding Dispute Fee, a dispute will be initiated in Kleros DISPUTE RESOLVER. The parties will be able to provide all the evidence that supports their claim and will be able to observe the progress of the process.

After 7 days without any of the parties having deposited the corresponding Fee, the funds will be returned to the party that transferred them and the cryptocurrencies stored in the smart contract will be reimbursed or released, as the case may be.

Step by Step

  1. Having read Kleros Arbitration Policy

  2. Have tried to solve the problem with the counterparty.

  3. Having sent the dispute FEE (23 USDT BEP20) to the indicated wallet (Address: 0x80D8D67798e040C32C01835c83ee967DE5bD3FA3).

IMPORTANT: They must be sent from the same wallet from which the invoice was created if you are a seller or service provider and from the same wallet from which the funds were sent to the smart contract if you are a buyer or contracting party.

5. Once the funds corresponding to the FEE in dispute have been sent, 7 days must pass (from said sending) to verify whether or not the counterparty sent its part of the mentioned FEE. (23USDT BEP20)

From this moment two possibilities may arise:

  • That the counterparty has not deposited the dispute FEE within the stipulated period, in which case, the funds guarded in the smart contract will be released or reimbursed and the dispute FEE will also be reimbursed to the same wallet from which they were sent.

  • That the counterparty has deposited the dispute FEE within the stipulated period, in which case, a Dispute will be initiated in the Kleros DISPUTE RESOLVER under the General Court in the XDai Chain (Gnosis) network. This dispute will be initiated within a period not exceeding 3 days, since the 7 days mentioned above have passed.

Once the Dispute is mounted in the Kleros protocol, the rules and deadlines stipulated by them must be followed. During this instance, the parties will have the opportunity to support their claim with all the evidence they consider pertinent and may even appeal, within the specified period, if they do not agree with the resolution of the arbitration award.

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