📈Strategies to Grow a Community

Like any business model, at the beginning, you must dedicate energy and time to grow your community. After this first phase, the community becomes an asset that generates income with little effort.

  • Verify that the community's social network links work correctly. Access here and search for the community. In case the redirection does not work correctly from the communities dashboard, press the three dots and select the option to edit data.

  • Create an ecosystem in Discord, Telegram, or any social network where opinions and feedback can be exchanged between community members. paydece support team can also join in to provide personal and private support.

  • Connect to the Dapp to accept new members who want to join, you will visualize them in My Community dashboard (set a reminder to verify and add them daily).

  • Compartir el link para invitar a nuevos usuarios a la comunidad en redes sociales o videos de youtube. El link se obtiene haciendo clic en sobre los tres puntos dentro del dashboard de comunidad.

  • Retargeting strategies are the best ones. Invite new members not just once but consistently. Of course, also be you should also be careful not to spam!

  • Alliances between two or more community owners, strengthen the reach and create synergies. Currently, the community that generates the most money income per month is led by 3 different content creators. This is useful for dividing roles when growing the community.

  • Create educational spaces for members to teach how to operate and make safety measures clear. Contact the paydece team to join in and help educate new users!

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