💸Benefits of creating a community

Decentralized business model.

Just as YouTubers earn money by the number of subscriptions and views on their videos, or artists earn by listeners of their music on Spotify, in the paydece community, owners earn money by the volume operated by the members of their community!

At the end of each month, the total amount generated by the volume operated by its members is transferred to the community owner's wallet. The payment corresponds to 0.1% of the total volume operated by each member and is distributed as follows, simulating a transaction for 10,000 USDT:

EXAMPLE 1: Community member A trades with a user without a community.

The entire volume to be paid goes to community A - 10 USDT accumulated for community A wallet.

EXAMPLE 2: Member of community A trades with another member of community A.

The entire volume to be paid goes to community A - 10 USDT accumulated for community A wallet.

EXAMPLE 3: Community member A trades with community member B.

The total volume is divided into 2 and each half is distributed to each community - 5 USDT for community A and 5 USDT for community B.

Payments are made automatically at the end of each month (payment is made if the total amount payable is more than 10 USDT).

Creating your own community gives you cool benefits:

  • Monetize the volume traded by your members!

  • Total control over user access. Set your own terms and requirements to allow newcomers into your community.

  • Having your own independent P2P crypto-to-fiat trading environment

  • Access to our future token's pre-sale.

  • Private paydece community owners group to share news, features, support, and feedback.

  • Exhibition in the paydece ecosystem (video on landing, mentions on social networks, and more).

A premium subscription to be gifted to any new member of your community. (The promotion is valid if the draw is carried out within the first 30 days of community creation).

And being a member of a community also has its perks:

  • Being validated by other community members

  • Safer trading with validated members.

  • Access to giveaways and other benefits

  • Constant support and feedback

Creating your own community is very easy:

  1. Complete this form (the same one you will find in the app) and wait for the access to be given by the paydece team.

  2. Create a community in Telegram or Discord where members of your community can exchange messages, information, feedback, and more.

  3. Once you have access, complete the required information (including logo, description, socials) and create your community.

  4. Start inviting members, and make sure you approve them to join your community.

  5. Congratulations, you are ready to start monetizing their transactions!

That's it! Now you're in for the next level in Web3 communities.

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