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Anyone is able to create their own community and monetize from member's transactions.

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Communities on Web3 are groups of digital users who come together because they share a mission, vision or values. Content creators, marketplaces, Dapps, and users with the same NFT who share interests often join on telegram or discord to exchange information, opinions, and more.

In paydece, these communities can be integrated within the Dapp to unite members (represented by their wallet address) so that they can make decentralized P2P transactions between themselves or with members of other communities.

To operate safely and avoid scams or triangulations, we recommend that you always operate with members who belong to a community!

How do I check if someone is in a community or not?

When searching for orders from the marketplace we will see the nickname or wallet address of the advertiser. If on the right we see a blue logo, he belongs to a community. If not the add is without a logo he does not belong to any.

It looks like this:

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