0️⃣Learn to trade on paydece

  • Over this guide you will learn the basics to operate successfully on paydece.

Remember that paydece operates in a decentralized and anonymous way in the blockchain. The very first RESPONSABLE for remaining SAFE is the USER. Remain ON GUARD at all times.


paydece is conformed by:

  • An order panel (where you place a buy or sell order).

  • A smart contract (where crypto are locked).

  • A transaction panel (Where users comunícate through a chat and check the order status).

  • Communities section (Group of users driven by a common goal).

  • Subscriptions section (Users can acquiree a premium subscription to operate commissions-free).

What do I need to operate on paydece?

  • A self-custodial wallet, (Example: MetaMask). Wallet must be correctly configured in the following way:

    • The token's address added to the wallet. More information in this link.

    • The native token to pay the gas for each transaction on the blockchain. Remember that to carry out any transaction on the network we will have to pay the gas (small commission) for the network miners to validate our operation. To do this, you must make sure you have the native token of the network you are operating on. More information in this link.

    • The blockchain on which you are going to operate added to the wallet. More information in this link.

  • Depending on if you are a buyer or seller of the crypto you must:

    • Have the FIAT to buy the crypto.

    • Have the crypto to sell and a bank account or similar to receive the FIAT (except for in-person cash transfers).

Now that you have all the basics, let's move on!

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